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Achimenes hybridum

Category: Decorative flowering

23 Jul : 12:41

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21_8_2007_031_original.jpg 726543522_cc9218a91c.jpg mustanmerenruusu-1.jpg Mustanmerenruusu_(torpankukka),_Achimenes_Longifora_hybr_IMG_5217.jpg

Ahimenesat is a small herbaceous perennial plant. Its leaves are oblong, ovoid, dark green with reddish or purple hue, jagged at the edges. Stems and leaves are covered with dense hairs. The colors come from the bosoms of the leaves along the whole length of the stem and a pink velvet violet hue. Profuse and continuous flowering throughout the spring and summer.
Ahimenesat (Achimenes) is among the most beloved representatives of the family Gesnerievi. The genus includes about 50 species that inhabit the forests of Mexico, Brazil and Guatemala. Tropical his home and recalls his name, which translated from Greek means "who does not tolerate cold. Nisichki These are plants with a height of 30 cm, with simple or slightly branched stems buried in bright colors. Ampelnite forms reaching up to 50 cm and their leaves are arranged opposite, sometimes 3, like the leaves of nettles, are colored pale green to dark brown. Colors depending on the variety come in different sizes - from 3 to 7 centimeters in diameter, red, pink, blue, purple, white and even yellow. They are single, often grouped in nakolko strand, or hung horizontally positioned. Nevyanka is petdelno, lopatovidno with long flower tube. Heavy flowering occurs from June to November.

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