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Laurus nobilis

Category: Deciduous trees and shrubs

12 Aug : 10:45

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laurus_nobilis.jpgSassafras tree or shrub, has leaves with a characteristic pleasant smell and slightly bitter taste. Three species are cultivated in Bulgaria: deciduous laurel, curled and drebnolisten. Their leaves are lantsetovidni, ovoid or pointed, leather, shiny.

Home of the slow-growing evergreen tree that is the Mediterranean. Belongs to the family Lauraceae.
Conical shape and has reached a height of 12 meters and a diameter of 9 m
Most - typical things in it are oval, aromatic, dark green leaves glisten used as a spice for centuries.
Sassafras tree blooms in early summer with small, Light yellow color in the form of a star.
The plant bears small plodcheta which are green in summer and autumn are dark red.
It is suitable for decorative trimmings.

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sassafras tree   mineral mixtures   decorative trimmings   soil mixture   garden soil   
Category: Deciduous trees and shrubs

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sassafras tree   mineral mixtures   decorative trimmings   soil mixture   garden soil   

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