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17 Aug : 11:53

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mammillaria.jpgThe life cycle of mamilariite coincide with our seasons. During the period of growth - from spring to late summer, plants are watered sparingly. It is important to be planted in light sandy soil and are placed in the sun. Most species prefer to winter sleeping at 8.10 degrees without watering. If you spend the winter in heating a room to be watered, even in 15-20 days. However, raising such a negative effect on flowering. In March should begin gently to ground, then watering and less mamilariite to make them "wake up".

Different species of cactus that are widespread in the southern states of the United States, in Mexico, Central America, Cuba and other islands of the Caribbean Sea. In nature are small globular or obtegnata shape with single or branched stems.

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light sandy soil   summer plants   cylindrical shape   states in mexico   parental species   
Category: Cacti

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light sandy soil   summer plants   cylindrical shape   states in mexico   parental species   

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