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Rock corner and Alipineum

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19 Aug : 11:17

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alpineum.jpgOne of the most attractive elements of the garden and space are "rocky nooks and Alipineumite. Rockeries and ponds require a sunny location and the character of its forms combined very well in combination. Very often the place where rockeries began water cascade or creating a decorative backdrop to the water surface and vegetation. Rock gardens can be placed in the grass in some sections of the visual attractiveness of the garden. It can be built in pre-prepared bed of crushed stone for connecting with environmental surface, serve to strengthen the natural slopes, fences or disguise the simple element which moves the visual field of the garden.

Suitable for use in rock gardens and landscaping of the following places rock types:
Trees and shrubs - Acer palmatum, Albizzia, Betula, Cercis, Catalpa, Chamaecyparis, Corylus, Cornus, Hibiscus, Ilex, Lonicera, Machonia, Magnolia, Malus, Picea, Pingus mugo, Prunus, Rhus typhina, Sorbus, Thuja, Tsuga, Taxus , Yucca and others.

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rhus typhina   pingus   corylus   sorbus   cercis   
Category: Specialist advice

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rhus typhina   pingus   corylus   sorbus   cercis   

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