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Category: Decorative flowering

22 Aug : 11:13

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episcia.jpgPopular name: Epistsiya

Family: Gesnerievi (Gesneriaceae)

One of the most effective ampelni plants for interior decoration are epistsiite.Tehnite pile leaves flashing in silver, bronze or copper shades are very decorative and attractive, but when they appear and scarlet flowers, plants become fabulously beautiful. Another valuable kachestsvo is their rapid growth and long flowering period.

These are low on grassy Gesnerievi representatives of the family, which originate from the tropics of the Americas. Adults reach about 50-60 cm in length and have advanced to 20-30 branches, of which at least half bloom simultaneously.

The leaves are downy, with color from brown to medenocherveno. It flowers from April to August with red, white and blue colors.

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episcia   gesneriaceae   
Category: Decorative flowering

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episcia   gesneriaceae   

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