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Hoya carnosa

Category: Decorative flowering

17 Sep : 13:03

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Family: Cuscutaceae
Origin: Southeast Asia

Flowering period: Clusters of attractive, radial, pinkish-white flowers blossom in summer. Delicate colors appear as if made of porcelain and are truly unique. Emit a strong scent.

Hoyata originates from Eastern Asia and Australia. The flower is named after Thomas Hoym, gardener of the Duke of Northumberland in the late 18th century.

Nasitenozeleni, elongated, with a "waxy" surface, hence the name of the plant. Can be grown in a pot and even shape to grow in some form. For this purpose it is necessary only to insert a metal jamb in which it can climb. Another option is to leave it hanging like a plant. As such, it can reach more than m in length.

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hoya carnosa   hoym   multiflora   northumberland   
Category: Decorative flowering

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hoya carnosa   hoym   multiflora   northumberland   

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