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Cyclamen persicum

Category: Decorative flowering

20 Sep : 15:40

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cyclamen_persicum.jpgCyclamen is a very popular flower known for its beauty and exquisite colors. Cyclamate is home of Asia Minor, where it is more cool and shaded areas. There are about 15 varieties. It is very capricious and difficult to flower cultivation.

There are many varieties, some with long handles to obtain color cut, others with aromatic flowers, and some are small but numerous flowers of a plant.

Cyclamen capricious soothe children
If you want your family members are united grown cyclamen in his home.
This plant provoking and spiritual generosity, creating spontaneously self-esteem and improved mood.
Cyclamate has a soothing effect on children capricious. It is like the warm sunshine, razkrepostyava and stimulates the energy of the people.
Flower help the weak and volatile, teaches us to defend our own opinions, develop the ability to adapt.
Awakens creativity and organizational skills of their owners.

It flowers from December to April.
Her colors are located on long stems in pink, red, white, and has two-color varieties.

Soil: 2 parts beech leaflet turf 1 part soil, 1 part of foci manure, 1 part manure and 1 part sand.

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aromatic flowers   window temperature   exquisite colors   warm sunshine   bottom water   
Category: Decorative flowering

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aromatic flowers   window temperature   exquisite colors   warm sunshine   bottom water   

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