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27 Sep : 12:06

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protea_big.jpgRelatively new plant for us and more familiar in the form of cut flowers.

However, it is very beautiful garden with its unique flowering and duration.

It is not pretentious to the soil but likes the bright sun.

Razmozhava to seed and cuttings.

Protest is Rosaceae family comprising okolo1400 species.
Her homeland is Africa and Australia where they occur in large raznoobrazie.Rod protest received its name from the Greek god Proteus, the son of Poseidon.
Family of protest is varied from insects to small shrubs with a height of 80 cm
The leaves are leather and maintains a variety of shapes and sizes that meet certain well vodata.U protest a so-called organ-tanks that are underground and serve as water collection and storage of vlagata.Tova explains why Protest live in places with dry climates.

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son of poseidon   dry climates   cough medicine   protea cynaroides   green heart   
Category: Trees and shrubs

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son of poseidon   dry climates   cough medicine   protea cynaroides   green heart   

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