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Category: Decorative leaf

27 Sep : 12:32

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schefflera_arbicola.jpgSchefflera (Latin: Schéfflera) is a genus of plants of the Ivy family. It was named by German botanist Jakob Schefflera 18 century (German: Jacob Christian Scheffler).

Shrubby plant with silhouette, fast growing and easily otglezhdane.Za larger decorative qualities in a container is planted several Schefflera.

Schefflera is the homeland of Australia. It is nepretenziozno specific plant leaves, which are its distinguishing mark. They have the shape of palm and have 5 - 9 branches.
By - often seen as high-bush with one stalk. If the crop is, in principle, can be branched.

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christian scheffler   schefflera   jacob   
Category: Decorative leaf

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christian scheffler   schefflera   jacob   

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