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Category: Decorative flowering

14 Oct : 08:27

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2.jpg 6plumbago.JPG Blue_Plumbago_0037.jpg Copia_di_plumbago_capense_20061030175946_Copia_di_plumbago_capense.JPG fl_plumbago.jpg galerie-membre,fleur-plumbago-du-cap,fleurs-bleus.jpg Plumbago.jpg

plumbago_auriculata_white80.jpgRepresentative of the flora of South Africa.

It contains 8 species of evergreen and deciduous subshrubs of the family Plumbagovi. In their homeland live in dry subtropical forests in foothills and river valleys. Its strange name comes from the Latin name for lead - plumbum because it was considered that helps lead poisoning.

Is branched evergreen liana, with long, rich oblisteni branches. Bark of older branches is brownish, oblong, with white stripes. The leaves are consistent, bright green, ovate oblong prigapen peak.

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radius of curvature   subtropical forests   river valleys   dry soil   plant spring   
Category: Decorative flowering

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radius of curvature   subtropical forests   river valleys   dry soil   plant spring   

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