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Hippeastrum vittatum

Category: Bulbs and tubers

11 Nov : 11:58

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hippeastrum.jpgRepresentative of the family Amaryllidaceae / Amaryllidaceae.
The magnitude of the bloom color hipeastruma depends on the size of the bulb. One bulb in circumference between 20-28 cm can be displayed two colors with four flowers. According to the type of plant flowering time is within the October-April. Blooms in white, pink and wine-red.

Hipeastrumite (Hippeastrum sp.) Is a genus of the family Amaryllidaceae Amaryllidaceae, as their homeland is South America. The genus contains over 60 natural species which are rarely cultivated. The only natural state, which occurs more often H. papilio.

Very often be confused with hipeastrumat amarilisa because of long use of commonly known amarilis in the industry. Amarilisat (Amaryllis sp.) Kind of the same family but with a homeland South Africa. The genus contains only one species - Amaryllis belladonna.

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papilio amaryllis   amaryllis belladonna   belladonna   amaryllidaceae   hippeastrum   
Category: Bulbs and tubers

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papilio amaryllis   amaryllis belladonna   belladonna   amaryllidaceae   hippeastrum   

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