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How to keep flowers in different seasons

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26 Nov : 19:54

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-Test the irrigation system. Check your irrigation and sprinkler system problems. Track time for watering different areas to create the most natural conditions (note that spring and autumn rains more often).

-Cleaning and collecting leaves.

-Cut the stems of annual flowers 5 centimeters above the ground (not all).

-Apply compost / peat around the roots for 3-5 cm depth and 3-layer thickness of 4 centimeters.


Once-yearly aeration / Prekopana soil in areas with shrubs, flowers and vegetables. This is done until the soil is loose and easily cultivated. Eat weed and soil if it has not been used until recently.

Cut-dried branches from the bushes.

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spring flowering bulbs   grass sod   period autumn   selective herbicide   flowers and vegetables   
Category: Other

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spring flowering bulbs   grass sod   period autumn   selective herbicide   flowers and vegetables   

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