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The importance of wedding bouquet

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26 Nov : 20:57

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w_004normal.jpgWedding bouquet of flowers and decorations are an important part of your wedding celebration, whether it is a small family ceremony in a circle or a grand ceremony. Bouquet for the bride plays an important role in this celebration from the time of ancient Greece, where the bride wore a bunch of herbs, as a symbol of fertility. Somewhere put a corn and herbs that symbolize health and fertility. But in the past, bouquets in the hands of the bride is placed not so much by aesthetic rather than pagan point of view! Collected or, more precisely, a special form messy in some other grasses and flowers, covered with aromatic potions and serving-girls of our ancestors believed that such a "composition" will banish evil spirits from the bride! Today, flowers and stems in the hands of the bride are just lovely bouquet are no longer required to keep, but only Krassy!
You choose the type of bouquets, flowers and nature and their amount.

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Category: Other

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embroidery opportunities   colorful bouquets   taffeta dress   bouquet of flowers   wedding bouquet   

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