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Category: Decorative flowering

13 Dec : 21:47

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chrysanthemum_gl.jpgChrysanthemum is one of the best - and popular favorite potted plants and cut flowers for color.

Chrysanthemums genus is rich in many species. In our country, when I say family Chrysanthemums, people accept that this name refers only to the chrysanthemum, but it is not so, because this kind of concern and annual plants and several species of which denote a common name margaritas, though they are different species.

In our most commonly grown margarines (Leucanthemum vulgare, L.maximum and Chrisanthemum coccineum) and chrysanthemum (Chr. indicum)
Daisies are similar in too many colors in the construction of the chrysanthemum.
Differ only in the form of leaves.

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chrysanthemum leucanthemum   leucanthemum vulgare   chrisanthemum   
Category: Decorative flowering

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chrysanthemum leucanthemum   leucanthemum vulgare   chrisanthemum   

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