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Matricaria Chamomilla

Category: Herbs and spices

03 Jan : 21:50

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laika.jpgComposite family (Asteraceae)

Description. One year of herbaceous plant with upright, naked, up to 50 centimeters high stem, highly branched in its upper part, with consistent double to triple Perez cut with narrow pointed leaves shares. Colorful baskets are located on top of the stem branches. Consist of 12-18 peripheral clamp white flowers and numerous yellow inner florets trabesti. Lining of the baskets is keremidoobrazno ordered, elongated ovoid, blunt, with broad membranous edge zhaltenikavozeleni leaflets. Inflorescences bed is bare, with small fossa, hollow, hemispherical in just flowering baskets and extended to the cone at the end of flowering. The fruit is elongated green-brown seeds. Whole plant and especially colorful baskets are characteristic pleasant smell and sharp taste bitterish. It flowers from May to August.

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chamomilla   magnoliopsida   
Category: Herbs and spices

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chamomilla   magnoliopsida   

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