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Rose - Symbolism and history

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03 Jan : 22:20

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The first information about Rose meet in the ancient Indian traditions, telling of the fans who enjoyed the rose - there is even the law - everyone who has brought the ruler of the country rose, you can ask for whatever they like. With roses decorated the royal chamber, with her paying taxes ...

For her appearance at the front of the world says nothing, only in Indian myths, it was reported that the most beautiful woman in the world Lakshmi was born from pink, consisting of 108 large and 1608 small rose petals. Vishnu, the guardian of the universe, seeing the fascinating beauty in her pink cradle woke her with a kiss and turned it into his wife. From that moment became a goddess Lakshmi beauty, and concealing her rosebud - a symbol of divine secret of all Eastern nations become sacred.

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goddess lakshmi   guardian of the universe   rose petals   lotus water   persian tradition   
Category: Other

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goddess lakshmi   guardian of the universe   rose petals   lotus water   persian tradition   

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