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04 Jan : 11:34

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pokriv.jpgFor countries in the world as a roof garden is already happening. Necessity or luxury, the interest in greening the roof is constantly growing.

Turning back in history we find that the advantages and favorable impact of roof gardens have been known since ancient times. A striking example are the "Hanging Gardens" in the ancient Semiramis of Babylon, considered one of the seven wonders of the world.

Today, unlike the old, the roof garden is not only unnecessary luxury available to few. It is a necessity imposed by the drastic reduction of green areas in rapidly growing cities and a worsening microclimate.

In many countries grassed roofs are an essential part of architecture, while the roof greening our country still lacks adequate visibility. Roof gardens are built on flat roofs and terraces of residential, public and industrial buildings. Nature of roof gardens and green areas have decided on the territory of underground parking lots and garages. The effect, which can be achieved through planted roof is versatile. On the one hand, the roof gardens are purely decorative significance, which enrich the architectural appearance of buildings during different seasons of the year. On the other - they improve the sanitary - hygiene conditions of the environment, and can significantly reduce the concentration of dust and harmful gases in the air, ionizing the air and increase the oxygen content in it. From an ecological standpoint roof gardens lead to a significant improvement of the microclimate in the cities.

As intended, can distinguish between several types of roof gardens - a dry balcony, roof garden and roof meadow.

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ecological standpoint   gases in the air   hygiene conditions   harmful gases   flat roofs   
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ecological standpoint   gases in the air   hygiene conditions   harmful gases   flat roofs   

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