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Category: Ornamental grasses

31 Jan : 10:54

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phormium_1.jpgFormium novozeladskiya called flax. Originates from New Zealand. Gardeners know that this is one gradiozno from a herbaceous plant which by its color and size fokosira upon himself the eyes of visitors in the garden. It is a perennial evergreen plant with leaves the shape xiphoid. The color of the leaves and the patterns vary according to variety.

This is a very slow growing plant, and anyone who sees him should be armed with patience. But I do reach height to 2-3 meters. The leaves are so strong that it can not be torn from any cross. Strength withstand 400 tons weight. In the past they have their Maori produced linen. Pletyali are ropes and baskets. Easy to live in zones 8, 9 and 10.

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phormium tenax   margaret jones   platts   rainbow   queen   
Category: Ornamental grasses

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phormium tenax   margaret jones   platts   rainbow   queen   

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