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Ravenala madagascariensis

Category: Trees and shrubs

10 Feb : 10:56

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ravenala_madagascariensis80.jpgOther names: Travelers Palm, Ravenala Madagascar, Tourist palm.

Family: Strelitziaceae
Origin: Madagascar.

Although this plant is called Palm, in fact, it's not palm tree. Equal like banana, but banana leaves grow directly from the ground and have a barrel. Travel Palm name results from the fact that she is able to accumulate several liters of water in their leaves, which can quench the thirst of the traveler. In nature, reaching 10 meters in height.

Razteniya a young tuber, which over time appears above ground. Kremovidno blooms with small white flowers that reach 30 cm adult raztenie can bloom all year round and offers brown fruit containing seeds pale blue. To bloom indoors it is necessary to create conditions of its natural environment.

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sowing the seeds   banana leaves   adult plants   liters of water   palm family   
Category: Trees and shrubs

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sowing the seeds   banana leaves   adult plants   liters of water   palm family   

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