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17 Feb : 12:53

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A544-0523061tp.jpg IMG_6560.JPG russelia_02.jpg Russelia_equisetiformis_1.jpg Russelia_juncea_coral_bush.JPG Russelia_spp__San_Carlos02.jpg

russelia_spp._san_carlos02.jpgRuseliyata (Russelia) is among the most common of garden plants, and is easily recognizable by its brilliant red or white flowers that are shaped like vases spike. Ruseliyata grows in many parts of the world.

Ruseliyata is often used to hide unattractive walls or fences, because there is dense vegetation. Razte to 1.8 meters. Due to its length Ruseliyata is suitable for growing in hanging pots.

Due to their attractive colors, Ruseliyata attract birds and insects (like bees), which feed on nectar from its flowers.

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dense vegetation   attractive colors   garden plants   white flowers   jacq   
Category: Trees and shrubs

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dense vegetation   attractive colors   garden plants   white flowers   jacq   

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