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Category: Lianas (climbing), cascading

20 Feb : 12:39

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lonicera_halliana.jpgLonitserata has many qualities - long flowering with numerous colorful trabesti colors. Easily grown from cuttings and feels wonderful to polusyanka. Broadcasts interesting flavor, but there is one drawback - as bush does not look good, so let it climb arches and fences or trees and hedges.

Stems are hollow, covered with brown bark. The leaves are oval and reaches 4 - 8 cm length. Flowers are fragrant, pale yellow, cylindrical, with a length of 5 cm plant produces small black plodcheta, which have from 2 to 12 seeds.

It flowers from June to September in white, yellow, red and purple.

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lonicera periclymenum   japonica   belgica   americana   
Category: Lianas (climbing), cascading

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lonicera periclymenum   japonica   belgica   americana   

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