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Category: Decorative flowering

08 Mar : 15:25

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clivia3.jpgIn September 1815 was first discovered in South Africa Clive estestvoizpitatelya of William Birchall. In 1828 botanist John Land, describes plants imported to England as Clivia nobilis, in honor of Lady Charlotte Clive Florentin - Duchess of Nortambarlend.

Clive belongs to the family Amaryllidaceae (Amaryllidaceae; Haemantheae).

At present there are five described species named, respectively, Clive C. nobilis, C. miniata, C. gardenii, C. caulescens and C. mirabilis. Another specific form known as marsh Clive is found in southern KwaZulu-Natal (South Africa).

Clive (Clivia) is particularly beloved among representatives of the family Amarilisovi. The small genus to which it belongs, there are only 5 types which come from South Africa. They are herbaceous plants with large short rhizome and thick fleshy roots. By rhizome out bilaterally located lentovidni thick sheets of dark green color. During each growing season form 4-5 new leaves, which endure for several years.

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clivia miniata   amaryllidaceae   mirabilis   
Category: Decorative flowering

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clivia miniata   amaryllidaceae   mirabilis   

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