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Kigelia pinnata

Category: Trees and shrubs

12 Mar : 12:42

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img_8480.jpgKolbaseneto tree (Kigelia pinnata) belongs to the family of plants Bignonievite (Bignoniaceae), which are characterized by beautiful and unusual colors. In this respect kigeliyata no exception. Its original colors, like red tulips or large bells hung three of grapes and can be opened only at night, releasing very unpleasant odor. The smell of carrion is, however, signal an attack by bats, for which the nectar hidden in the colors of kigeliyata is a real delicacy, and he nikak not least - 1 teaspoon of color. Two or three days after the visit of the bats in place of the colors formed tied.

The huge fruit (up to half m long, 10 cm wide and a few pounds heavier), which hang from branches on long stalks, resembling in shape and kremvirshi sausages, hence the popular name of the plant - sausage tree. Local people call it "moporoto" means sheep's tail fat and is due to the fact that Africans are more sheep than sausages known. Regardless of its tempting fruit species that are not intended for human consumption. However with them to eat well hippopotamuses, giraffes and the local monkeys.

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sausage tree   red tulips   intestinal worms   african tribes   fruit species   
Category: Trees and shrubs

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sausage tree   red tulips   intestinal worms   african tribes   fruit species   

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