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27 Mar : 18:47

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metrosideros1.jpgMetrosiderusite is a genus of about 50 species of trees, shrubs and lianas. They are Mirtovi family (Myrtaceae).

Their origin is from the islands of the Pacific Ocean from the Philippines to New Zealand. The name derives from the Greeks words metra (core) and siderus (iron). The most famous are M. excelsa, M. robusta, M. umbellate - by M. and N. Zealand polymorpha - from the Hawaiian Islands.

M. excelsa is a coastal evergreen tree. Reaches 20 meters height. In the southern hemisphere blooms from November to late December purpurnocherveni brilliant colors covering the tree, causing in N. Zell. Be called a Christmas tree.

Staminate flowers are 3.5 centimeters long with purpurnocherven color and are located in clusters. Developed by white downy buds. The leaves are oval, glossy and dark green. The hard wood was used extensively in the life of local people for preparation of various objects and boats, canoes, Mus. tools. The colors are now used for dyeing and also as a medicine for birth.

Metrosiderusat relatively easily propagated by seeds, due to their wide distribution.

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excelsa   myrtaceae   robusta   
Category: Trees and shrubs

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excelsa   myrtaceae   robusta   

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