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Instructions for planting of blackcurrant bushes

Category: Fruits and vegetables

28 Mar : 16:03

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borovinki.jpgSublime Blueberry interesting prudi all very large, kasivi and delicious fruit, but also high and regular productivity. The average yield from one bush is 3.5 kg and the maximum 7.10 kg. Moreover, the bushes have high ornamental value throughout the year: in spring during flowering, fruit ripening in summer, autumn, when all the leaves from green to fiery red in color.

Site selection and preparation of the soil.
Blueberry is svetlolyubiva culture. It is desirable to choose a place where the plants will be ogravyat throughout the day in the sun. It is possible that partial shading. When planting of blackcurrant plants should be selected locations that have soil pH between 4,5 and 5,5. Optimal is a place where previously there was no crop. They are suitable meadows and pastures, which were not used for agriculture. Places that are very low-lying must be avoided or better to drain, as there is danger of retaining moisture.

Failing to comply with ditches / 60-80 cm wide or holes / 60-60 cm / wide and no deeper than 40 cm should be filled with acidic material / pine needles, broken, pine bark, peat, pine ugnili sawdust, leaves, sand, etc. / which will be planted plants. To the prepared mixture can rpibavite 15-20 g compound fertilizer NPK.

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compound fertilizer   pot plants   pine needles   soil structure   soil ph   
Category: Fruits and vegetables

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compound fertilizer   pot plants   pine needles   soil structure   soil ph   

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