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Boletus edulis

Category: Mushrooms

28 Mar : 22:11

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boletus_edulis2.jpgBoletus edulis is a forest fungus. It does not occur through meadows and pastures, and although they are thoroughly enriched. Always seek the neighborhood of trees or shrubs at least.

Mushrooms begin to appear in warm and rainy weather in May. But the best mushrooms appear after the first autumn rains warm irrigation. They rasttat slower than other fungi. And another is typical of them. Stalk grows faster than the cap. So shortly after the show above the ground, somehow seem abnormally developed, with a small head on topchesta large, well-fed that block. Gradually raised the cap also begins to dissolve after a while the sponge will face throughout their growth - as a hood with fuzzy round loaf (and say so somewhere somunka), sometimes by large sunflower on a powerful punch, with some large high specimens to 15 and even up to ten thick inches.

Boletus edulis (Boletus edulis) is one of the most common and popular mushroom in the country. Also called sword sponge. Often "castaneus" refers to this fungus.

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boletus edulis   first autumn   coniferous forests   rainy weather   fruit body   
Category: Mushrooms

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boletus edulis   first autumn   coniferous forests   rainy weather   fruit body   

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