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Thuja occidentalis

Category: Coniferous trees and shrubs

31 Mar : 13:43

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thuja_occidentalis.jpgFamily Cupressaceae, cypress

Certainly she embodies the dream of every gardener: has incredible beauty keeps stylish appearance and is very unassuming.

The name of the wonderful evergreen trees comes from the time of Theophrastus and literally means 'a resinous, fragrant wood'. In contrast to his homeland, where is a classical tuyata conifer, in our application it is primarily as a medium sized garden plant. Preference for hedgerows, groups and exquisite decorative fabric accents tacit visitor from North America catches the eye and captured my heart at first sight.

West tuya well known representative of cool conifer forest and commonly found in cold marshy soils. Species are known from about 1000 forms, including various forms of miniature. The most popular are:
- Thuja occidentalis "Little Jam, upright growth to 1 meters in height. Offshoots partly across, needles, dark gray.
- Thuja occidentalis "Rekurva Nana, fleshy growth, to a cone, 50-60 centimeters in height. Unevenly branches upright and branched away in the tops of the folded and twisted branches, needles matovozeleni, scaly leaves are turning brown in winter.
- Thuja occidentalis "Sankist, growth upright, cone, in a court rarely higher than 1.5 meters, needles zlatistozhylti in Light yellow ride and in winter zelenikavozhalti.

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marshy soils   conifer forest   spindle tree   pyramidal crown   decorative fabric   
Category: Coniferous trees and shrubs

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marshy soils   conifer forest   spindle tree   pyramidal crown   decorative fabric   

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