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Flammulina velutipes

Category: Mushrooms

05 Apr : 13:47

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flammulina_velutipes_img_1038.jpgSponge of the genus Flammulina K A R S T.

In Japan is forcing the culture of the fungus called variant Enokitake which in appearance is quite different from the forest mushroom. In the absence of light in keeping it painted entirely in white, but because of the growing agglomerate and jars having a cylindrical shape.

Diameter of cap is 3 to 6 cm is initially hemispherical, later stretched to almost flat. Sometimes slightly curved tip with the center. Straw, to mednozhalta zhaltokafenikava color. In the middle is darker. The surface is smooth, naked, slizesta and glossy. Edge in young age is tucked inside, and later faced equal or slightly valnoviden with pronounced radial ribs.

The meat is thin, soft, fragile, later fibrous. Whitish to pale pink.

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pink lamellae   genus flammulina   radial ribs   cylindrical shape   autumn and winter   
Category: Mushrooms

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pink lamellae   genus flammulina   radial ribs   cylindrical shape   autumn and winter   

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