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Acorus Calamus

Category: Aquatic plants and kraypotochni

05 Apr : 18:00

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acorus_calamus4.jpgFamily: Airovi (Acoraceae)

Too often, when walking along rivers, ponds or other bodies of water are met Akorusa. Is a perennial semi-water herb, with long face, like a sword bright green leaves that rozoveyat at bottom or edges of the leaves with a height of between 60 and 120 cm main roots are creeping 2-3 cm thick white meet with a slight pink tinge and a bitter taste as they go smaller roots. Some of the leaves appear semi-cylindrical faces spadiks (cob) which is about 5-10 cm long, covered with small greenish-yellow flowers with 6 stamens. It flowers from late spring to early autumn, as flowers are held about a month. And the leaves and roots have a pleasant fragrance. Prefers semi-shaded to full shade locations, wet muskeg or shallow places along rivers and swamps.

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family araceae   pink tinge   ripe seeds   asarone   early autumn   
Category: Aquatic plants and kraypotochni

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family araceae   pink tinge   ripe seeds   asarone   early autumn   

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