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25 Apr : 16:03

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lophophora_williamsi.jpgLofoforata (Lophophora) is famous as the narcotic cactus. When it is one of the most extraordinary representatives of the Cacti family. Its main feature is a complete lack of prickles. Instead function to condense moisture out coarse tufts of white hairs, which reaped large, sparsely located halo. They are due cactus botanical name - from the Greek words lophos - forelock, tassel, and phoros - wear. In Mexico it is called by his name predkolumbovoto peyotl, but in the U.S. - damn cactus-root pudding.

First representative of the kind described by Charles Antoine Lemaire, in 1840 under the name Echinocactus williamsii, until in 1894 John Coulter, introduced in botanical nomenclature name Lophophora, originating from the Greek words "lophos" - lock, forelock and "phero" - wear which characterizes the presence, especially in the highlight part of the stem, a highly wavy halo, resembling tufichki or shaving, chetinopodobni covered with cloth.

Lofofora is one of the most unusual genera of the family Cactaceae with quite scandalous reputation. And today, its representatives continue to be persecuted by rumors, legends, cults and administrative sanctions. This increased interest is due Lofoforite contained in the cell juice of these plants, a whole group of alkaloids, which are in use, greatly affect the nervous system of animals and humans. More dokolumbovi times, Indian shamans knew the secrets in the preparation of a sacred drink of plants collected from nature and have used it during worship and ritual ceremonies, causing self-perception of "visit by the Great Spirit." When it does not belong to the council shamans were punished at the slightest attempt to try the cherished drink. Lofoforite or cult as they are called "peyote" has survived to this day, survivors in Indian reserves, and those who do not seek to communicate with the Great Spirit used by nastoykata Lofofora, mixed with herbs, which, like the leaves of chewing on coca, leads to calm the nervous system, generating a feeling of wellbeing and satisfaction. For narcotic properties Lofoforite heavy volumes have been written, scholars from different countries and are now working hard over the construction of an innovative technology for the separation of plant cell mass of mescaline, lofoforina, pelotina, anhalonidina and other types of alkaloids. The authorities in some states of the United States and Mexico not once have introduced bans on the sale and collection of Lofofori of nature. Similar bans only act in favor of plants as their places of distribution are becoming less and less.

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Category: Cacti

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john coulter   lophophora   phoros   echinocactus   phero   

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