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Category: Decorative flowering

06 May : 21:10

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columneacarnival.jpgGesnerievi family (Gesneriaceae)

Kolumneyata originates from tropical areas of South and North America. Ampelno a beautiful, relatively difficult to plant breeding, caring for you have become a real challenge for all lovers. As a rule more difficult for breeding the species with downy leaves.

In natural conditions plants are often epiphyte, which means that grow attached to the trunks of trees or logs to dry, using them for support, while not eat them. Are approximately 200 known species kolumnei, the most popular of which are C. gloriosa, C. microphylla, C. oxyphylla, C. linearis.

Particularly beautiful are pastrolistnite kolumnei by C. hirta "Light Prince", which even when not blooming impress with its decorative.

Kolumneyata is capricious. She needs 18-220S temperature and high humidity. To blossom abundantly, and should have good lighting and protection from direct sun, so put it to the northwest or northeast window. The plant does not tolerate moving and sharp fluctuations in temperature. In the period of relative peace, the December-January, when flower buds are set in three weeks the plant should be kept at a cool 12-140S. This may put the pot near a window or balcony door, but necessarily hidden from the mainstream.

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gesneriaceae   hirta   prince   
Category: Decorative flowering

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gesneriaceae   hirta   prince   

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