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07 May : 10:46

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pteris1.jpgFerns are among the most ancient vascular plants, spread across the globe. Repeatedly changed the climate, some plants have died, others have appeared, and ferns are able to adapt and have reached our days, striking with his mnogobrazieto. Although never bloom, many of them are a favorite indoor flowers that are grown easily and smoothly, as long as they know where they originated.

The exquisite fern Pteris cretica (Cretan pteris) belongs to the large family Pterisovi distributed throughout the Mediterranean and Southeast Asia. Its name comes from the Greek word pteron, which means the wing and made allusion to the shape of leaves. This is a perennial evergreen herbaceous plant with creeping rhizome. The leaves are leather, oblong, to 55 cm long, growing on long bare stems, the color is olive. Consist of segments, the first of which lantsetovidni jagged and sharp, while the latter - tselokrayni, closer in their ends are brown spores.

Popular home-grown species and cultivars:

Pteris cretica Albolineata
Pteris cretica Mayi
Pteris cretica Wimsettii
Pteris ensiformis Evergemiensis
Pteris straminea

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brown spores   herbaceous plant   indoor flowers   air humidity   pteris cretica   
Category: Fern

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brown spores   herbaceous plant   indoor flowers   air humidity   pteris cretica   

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