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16 May : 14:25

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camellia_pinkperfection.jpgKameliyata (Camellia) family of tea (Theaceae) has long developed world the hearts of millions of people worldwide. Known are about 80 species that adorn the parks, gardens and homes worldwide. The flower is renowned for its vagaries, but few would be deprived of the bush with an elaborate openwork crown of dark green leaves like Leatherback polished and beautiful colors in the very rich palette. Sazhalinie for these colorful flowers are devoid of flavor. Particularly appealing is the fact that profuse and continuous flowering of kameliyata coincided with the darkest months - from November to April.

Kameliyata is a bush with a height of one to three meters, with glossy, dark green leaves and blossoms of snow in pink to bright red. Kameliyata blooms from autumn to mid winter for two months. And also cool and fresh air and lights required. Much more - plenty of blooms when the soil gets backup from food salts. Especially useful to nourish a scalded tea.

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food salts   optimal degrees   rich palette   spring colors   soft rain   
Category: Trees and shrubs

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food salts   optimal degrees   rich palette   spring colors   soft rain   

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