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Category: Perennial herbaceous plants

28 May : 19:58

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dianthus_arenarius_02.h.jpgCarnation (Dianthus) is a genus of plants Karamfilov family (Caryophyllaceae). Are mainly distributed in Europe and Asia, several species occur in North Africa, and one (Dianthus repens) - in the subpolar parts of North America. The type of garden carnation (Dianthus caryophyllus) is often grown as an ornamental flower.

Its original natural color with a pink tinge, but later received cultivars of other colors including red, white, yellow and greenish.

Although initially cha name "carnation" is used only for species Dianthus caryophyllus, it is often used for other types of Dianthus, especially for garden hybrids between D. caryophyllus and other species of the genus.

E red carnation is a symbol of sincere love. If you prefer, you have a hard character. But your choice also means that you want to go adventures. Fans of carnations in pastel colors are in need of love.

Be careful with that loves karamfilite.Tya help those who turn to it, but to their own purpose without seeking compromises as buldozer.Zhena, which firmly knows what he wants.

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dianthus caryophyllus   repens   
Category: Perennial herbaceous plants

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dianthus caryophyllus   repens   

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