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Flowers and soil

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20 Jun : 17:09

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ground_ivy1.jpgThe choice of soil is vital for growing staynitsvetya because the nature of the root system razteniyata available in a large space in the pot while we have much less ground.

Why garden soil is not suitable?
Ordinary garden soil is not suitable because it often contains residues of fertilizers and herbicides and / or infected with pests and microorganisms, which are home to breed. Irrigation in this soil is rapidly destroyed.

Why are preferred finished soils?
For indoor rearing razteniya use special soil mixtures, albeit in most cases are universal, but are offered specially prepared for certain groups of plants. In soils finished sharply reduce failures in growing plants because they are sterile and contain all the substances. Mixtures are preferred, albeit sold in major centers. Otherwise you may encounter a very poor product.

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Category: Specialist advice

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soil mixtures   greenhouse earth   garden soil   growing plants   surface 10   

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