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Nolina bigelovii

Category: Cacti

20 Jun : 17:37

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nolina_bigelovii2.jpgROOM unassuming plant, native of Mexico (Agave family). Each copy of this plant is distinguished by a bright personality. This applies especially to form a trunk that is butilkovoobrazna serves to vlagosabirane during the dry periods because NOLINA is an inhabitant of desert and arid areas.

This is a unique representative of the family Liliev. Reaches a height of 1.8 meters in height. Growing tufts of leaves at its base are evergreen, oblong, and a greyish tsyavt, wide is about 2,5 cm on the edge of the leaves have hairs. Stem, which keeps the color reaches a height of 2 meters. NOLINA flowers in May and June, with cream to white clusters that resemble the colors of the principle Yukata.Po NOLINA not bloom every year, but the leaves are sufficiently attractive accent in any garden.

In nature NOLINA is an unusual tree reaching a height In 4-10 meters in indoor conditions, but usually reach only one meter, is growing very slowly and there is a supplement to its name - baby palm. Under favorable conditions, such as winter garden, can grow to two meters and a half.

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nolina   palm   
Category: Cacti

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nolina   palm   

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