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Category: Bulbs and tubers

11 Jul : 16:30

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Peony (Paeonia) is a genus of dicotyledonous plants. Most species are perennial herbaceous plants with a height of 0,5-1,5 m, but some are woody shrubs and with a height of 2-3m. In Bulgaria, found three types: Paeonia mascula (pink peony), Paeonia peregrina (red peony) and Paeonia tenuifolia (Fernleaf peony). Are distributed throughout forests, thickets and dry stony places. Used root (decoction), gum leaves (infusions), seeds (decoction).
Peony is a popular, very durable perennial.
Most - some are grass bozhuri.Te are typical of Asia Minor and Europe.
Are valued for their beautiful colors, often dyed their interesting foliage and ornamental pods filled with seeds.
The colors are translucent and are usually arranged in one or two lines. FAQ - our popular types are peony decoration.
Bojurite reach a height of 50 - 100 cm
Bloom from late spring to early summer.

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fernleaf peony   paeonia tenuifolia   peony plants   woody shrubs   red peony   
Category: Bulbs and tubers

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fernleaf peony   paeonia tenuifolia   peony plants   woody shrubs   red peony   

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