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21 Jun : 14:24

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amanita_muscariamgw-03.jpgFungi consist of two parts: spawn (gabichina) and the fruit body. Mitselat represent many thin filaments called hyphae that penetrate into the growing medium (substrate). Propagated through spori.Edna fungi form part of a solid with different size cells of fruit above ground, some of which serve as food for humans. In other fungi (elementary) visible form of development is only mitselat. In them the fruit bodies are small, almost invisible to the naked eye nadebeleni endings of hyphae, which are formed on sporoobrazuvashtite authorities. Mitselat these fungi was observed on aging of bread and other food products.

The fruit body of higher fungi consists of a stalk (stump) and cap. The underside of the hat usually develops sporoobrazuvasht layer.
In many species of fungi young fruit corpuscle is wrapped with one or two sheets (marigold).
Shape and color of fruit body construction and location of sporoobrazuvashtiya layer, the availability of one or two sheets and the way they are tearing the main external signs of making classifications and identification of fungi.

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thin filaments   size cells   fruit body   external signs   fruit bodies   
Category: Specialist advice

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thin filaments   size cells   fruit body   external signs   fruit bodies   

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