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Category: Decorative flowering

05 Jul : 13:33

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17185195ipukvalwbb_fs.jpgKanata is displaced from the tropics of Central and South America.

The botanical name of tropical flower comes from the Greek "Kanna" and mean cane. It is a fact that stems of beautiful plant stems are hollow like a reed. There are many names with which it is known channels in the New World tropics. It is the cane lily "," Calende "," Indian shot "," English shot, "a tropical plant from Queensland" Interestingly Creole name "tulima" which derives from the French "tous les mois" (every month), while frantsuzite named it "balisier rouge" (red channel). Germans do it given the name "wet wood, because" crying "before the rain.

Invite are large herbaceous plants with strong roots, huge spectacular gray-green or violet-brown leaves and bright colors, floral slim.

Can be grown as flowering and leaf-like dekorativni.Prodalzhitelniya flowering, resistance to heat and, not least because of proofing their diseases and pests, they are among the most beloved flowers for exotic species

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world tropics   ornamental flowers   herbaceous plants   brown leaves   tropical flower   
Category: Decorative flowering

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world tropics   ornamental flowers   herbaceous plants   brown leaves   tropical flower   

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