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Medinilla magnifica

Category: Deciduous trees and shrubs

29 Aug : 22:28

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medinilla_magnifica.jpgMedinilata is an incredibly beautiful decorative flowering plant. Originates from the Philippines. In nature medinilata an evergreen shrub reaching a height of 2 meters.
The colors are outstanding in the form of large clusters. Obragreni are bright pink. Above them is wearing light pink sheets, which are retained for several weeks without wilted. The leaves are oval, shiny, with clear streaks.

In their native tropical forests of the Philippines, medinalata was discovered in 1888, she grows to 3m, but the indoor conditions only reached 1m. Lyubitelyat garden difficult to obtain striking colors.

- Medinilla aphrodite - up to 1 m, and its colors are pink and large.
- Medinilla boliviensis - her colors are white with yellow center.
- Medinilla laxa - her colors are white and resemble those of jasmine.

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medinilla magnifica   laxa   aphrodite   
Category: Deciduous trees and shrubs

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medinilla magnifica   laxa   aphrodite   

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