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Category: Balcony flowers

02 Sep : 19:32

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mimulus3.jpgOrigin: North and South America
Family: Zhivenichevi (Scrophulariaceae)

Its colors are big or small, sometimes a simple peasant, sometimes with exotic tiger color or stain.

Not as popular as clownish ROOM flower plant is grown polusyanka. The most widespread variety in the market is M aurantiacus.

Luteus - yellow, blooms May-August, to 30 cm high.
Major Bees - red, May-September, to 30 cm
Primuloides - small-flowered, May-September, to 10 cm
Scarlet Bees - red, May-September, to 20 cm
Shep - yellow-brown, May-June, to 25 cm
Orange Glow - orange, May-September, to 25 cm

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tks 2   orange glow   scrophulariaceae   shep   bees   
Category: Balcony flowers

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tks 2   orange glow   scrophulariaceae   shep   bees   

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