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Category: Cacti

11 Jul : 16:49

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Family: Liliev - Liliaceae

Origin: South America, South Africa

Ubiquitous plant, known in Bulgaria as "cactus - The miraculous cure for all diseases. There are about 1500 sub aloe, are distributed mainly in areas of desert, hot and dry climates, where for many months no rain. To survive the critical dry period, exhausted root, which is not any moisture left, keeps the size and development of the plant by automatically producing in its branching protective substances that maintain the life of the plant. These so-called. Nutrient-stimulating substances, only Aloe Vera / Aloe vera (Aloe ferox), are not yet fully tested chemically, but carried over into the human body, activate the tissues of all systems and debilitated by illness led to a complete body regeneration.
Individual flowers are tubes hanging down. Old specimens bloom in spring, with colors ranging from dark red through orange and pink to bright yellow.

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aloe ferox   aloe vera   liliaceae   
Category: Cacti

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aloe ferox   aloe vera   liliaceae   

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