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Persea americana

Category: Exotic fruits and vegetables

05 Jul : 16:45

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avocado2.jpgE plant avocados from laurel family. Originates from Central America and is known even before 8000 the Aztecs and Mayans. His name (ahuacatl) nahuatal comes from language, which translated means testicles due to the similarity of the fruit with this anatomical body. The plant was brought into Europe by the Spaniards in the 17 century, today the largest producer of avocados are Mexico, Indonesia, United States, Brazil and Colombia. Large plantations of avocados and there in Europe - in Spain and Corsica.
If in his native America avocados is a fruitful tree to a height of 20m, in a pot, it is an attractive shrub with large leaves and is far more modest proportions. This plant is rarely offered in the stores, but easy to raise him alone.

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persea americana   attractive shrub   garden soil   laurel family   tropical forests   
Category: Exotic fruits and vegetables

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persea americana   attractive shrub   garden soil   laurel family   tropical forests   

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