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Ranunculus asiaticus

Category: Bulbs and tubers

14 Jul : 13:45

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Perennial plant, a representative of the family Ranunculaceae (Ranunculaceae). Much like the Anemone.
Native to Asia Minor and the Mediterranean. The Latin name means "little frog".
Reaches a height of 50 cm has fleecy white, yellow, pink, orange, red flowers, green leaves and sliced thin, hollow stems.
It flowers in June and July.
Requires rich soil and moderate watering. If in summer the leaves begin gleamed yellow, minimize watering.
Fueled with liquid fertilizer during growth.
In winter, the tubers are kept dry and ventilated place, set in sand.

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liquid fertilizer   little frog   flowers in june   rich soil   red flowers   
Category: Bulbs and tubers

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liquid fertilizer   little frog   flowers in june   rich soil   red flowers   

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