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16 Jul : 12:39

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048.jpg 2565666440055774306wHTSJb_fs.jpg fritillaria-imperialis.jpg fritillaria-lanceolata.jpg Fritillaria-meleagris-blomst.JPG Fritillaria_nigra__ssp__boissieri.jpg galerie-membre,fleur-fritillaire,fritillaire-imperiale.jpg Snake_s-Head-Fritillaria.jpg

Colors that look like inverted netsantimetrovi dice cups (Latin fritillus - dice cup) of white and red with white spots or streaks nezhnozelsni. Vedritsite are very special spring flowers. Plants reach 15 to 40 centimeters high and develop close, slightly drooping leaves and flowers klyumnali. Culture is recommended in the window to be an annual chest as vedritsite develop excellent for a long time only in the garden.
In their natural state growing in grassy areas. Genus (there are about 100 representatives) is widespread in Poland, Slovakia, France, Britain, Caucasus.
Stem reached 50 cm to 1 m high. Plant leaves are narrow, difficult to distinguish in the grass, but the colors are beautiful, big bells, white, yellow, pink, green, purple, scattered. The flower blooms in mid spring.

Grown as a perennial.

Most - are popular F. acmopetala, F.bithynica, F.imperialis, F.meleagris.

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meleagris   fritillaria   
Category: Bulbs and tubers

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meleagris   fritillaria   

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