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18 Jul : 11:00

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503SP_Echinocactus_knippellianus_810top.jpg bwy1219193088a.jpg echinocactusSB111-2007FL.jpg Echinocactus_och_Ferocactus.JPG Echinocactus_setispinus_mostruosus_810.jpg Ecpu_ag_flr1.JPG Gym1.jpg IMG_3512.jpg opt1219192927w.jpg Parodia_warasii.jpg

Roda was first described in 1827 by Heinrich Friederich Link and Friederich Christoph Otto. The name comes from the Latin word "echinatus" - prickly and comes from a time when most cacti are rounded to the family concerned Ehinokaktus and those with cylindrical shape of the stems - or the genus Tsereus Ehinosereus.
Genus includes ten species, among the largest of the famous round and cylindrical cactus. Close relatives are Ferokaktusite. The stems are bright green, smooth and shining, in nature reach a height of 3 meters and 1.5 meters in diameter. Ribs are numerous, straight, heavily armed. Large halo on top almost merge with each other and form a tight, billowy coating. Spikes are not numerous, their color is amber-yellow, are thick, 2.7 cm in length, in the majority of species are very strong and solid, with styliform form. In nature, plants bloom only old, at home generally do not Ehinokaktusite zatsaftyavat. The colors are yellow or dark pink, the shape of a crown is not large, 2.5 cm in diameter, are narrow, spear petals, have in a circle around the tip of the stem. In naturally pollinated by insects or small birds. Color tube is short, resnichesta covered with scales. Fruits are dry, to shatter.
Popular species are: F. viereckii, E. amoenus, E. enneacanthus, F. acifer, F. engelmanii.

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christoph otto   mountain gorges   chalky soil   intense sunlight   nature plants   
Category: Cacti

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christoph otto   mountain gorges   chalky soil   intense sunlight   nature plants   

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