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18 Jul : 11:35

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Lobiviya (Lobivia) - multiple extremely kind with over 150 species. Come from Bolivia, northern Argentina and Peru. Grow on rocky slopes at an altitude of 2000-4000 meters above sea level. Often forming dense tufts. The stems are globular, cylindrical to age, grow singly or in groups.

Home of this kind cactus (includes about 150 species) is in South America - just the Andes, Bolivia and Argentina. Natural environment of most areas of the rock is 2 000 - 4 000 m altitude. They have a spherical or cylindrical stems, rarely branched. Reach a height of 16 - 18 cm
All species are relatively small, yellow or red flowers. They last a day but when it is very hot - only a few hours.
By - popular types are Lobivia densispina, Lobivia hertrichiana, Lobivia jajoiana, Lobivia silvestrii, Lobivia arachnacantha.

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rocky slopes   northern argentina   clay pot   red flowers   optimal temperature   
Category: Cacti

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rocky slopes   northern argentina   clay pot   red flowers   optimal temperature   

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