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Category: Cacti

19 Jul : 09:55

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1562563458_64486121df_o.jpg Cactus_Opuntia_20060702.jpg Nature_Israel339.jpg opuntia(Feigenkaktus)1.jpg opuntia_flowers.JPG Opuntia_humifusa_south_dakota1.jpg Visoflora-opuntia-920.jpg

opuntia.jpgThis kind of cacti are distributed throughout the United States (from desert areas to areas with high humidity). There are approximately 200 representatives.

Characteristic grouped them (most - often two) flat plates covered with thorns, which resemble rabbit ears.
Bloom in spring and summer, yellow, orange, red, pink, etc.

Some of the species born with edible plodcheta bodlichki called cactus figs.

In wild opuntiata serves to feed the turtles in the Mediterranean.

By - popular are Opuntia humifusa, O.compressa, O.indica, O.aciculata etc.

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rabbit ears   pieces of sand   autumn and winter   desert areas   clay pot   
Category: Cacti

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rabbit ears   pieces of sand   autumn and winter   desert areas   clay pot   

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