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Category: Herbs and spices

23 Jul : 13:39

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jen-shen.jpgPerennial herbaceous plant, 30-70 cm high, up to the age of 50. The root is up to 20 inches long and about 2 centimeters thick, with large branches 2.6, sometimes reminiscent in shape a human figure. The stem is mostly single, with a peak of 2.5 rosette leaves. The leaves are handles complex digitate, composed of 5 leaflets elliptical, tapered at the top in the end napileni, narrowed at the base wedge. Flowering stem develop until the third year. Inflorescence umbel is composed mostly of 5-20 small florets. Nevyanka is white or greenish. The fruit is kidney-shaped form, bright red, fleshy, with 2-3 stones. It flowers in July.
Ingredients: Contains saponins triterpenic called panaksozidi; essential oil in the composition of which includes seskviterpeni, fatty oil, alkaloids with unstudied composition, vitamin B1 and B2, ascorbic acid, sugars, phytosterols, mucus substances, resins and others.

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schisandra chinensis   far eastern countries   rapid fatigue   nerve processes   ground roots   
Category: Herbs and spices

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schisandra chinensis   far eastern countries   rapid fatigue   nerve processes   ground roots   

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