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Gardenia jasminoides

Category: Decorative flowering

24 Jul : 12:43

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gardenia_j._kleims_hardy.jpgVery popular because it is creamy, fragrant flowers. Gardeniyata is beautiful, evergreen, bushy plant. It is sensitive to growing conditions and respond well to low temperatures, high humidity, constant soil moisture and light to sunny location.

The genus Gardenia (Gardenia) includes about 250 species that occur naturally in South Africa, China and the tropical islands of the Pacific Ocean. These are evergreen shrubs or small trees, close relatives of coffee. Named in honor of the American botanist al. Garden. At home gardeniyata is small bush, 40-100 cm in height under good growing branches strong. Even when it blooms, looks very elegant due to its beautiful shiny leaves that cover it tightly. The colors are big, impressive, usually arranged singly, only certain types are gathered in clusters. Color is usually white or cream, are found in various shades of yellow. The aroma is very strong and often as priyaten.Nay ROOM plant is grown gardenia jasmine (G. jasminoides), which originates from China. It created many varieties that vary in height of the bush, in the form of colors and periods of bloom.

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genus gardenia   american botanist   air humidity   evergreen shrubs   light soil   
Category: Decorative flowering

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genus gardenia   american botanist   air humidity   evergreen shrubs   light soil   

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